Mercedes-Benz New Sound Logo

As part of its new brand image, Mercedes-Benz has for the first time introduced an “acoustic trademark.” The new sound logo, which is being used in all ad broadcasts as of Nov. 1, 2007, is intended to enhance their brand design. Combined with a new film fade-out, the distinctive sound serves to focus attention more sharply on the star as the Mercedes-Benz trademark.

The Mercedes-Benz sound logo is based on an original recording of an English boys choir from the 1990s. Sound engineers extracted a choir boy’s solo vocal from the recording and adapted it for use in the sound logo. The logo was developed in cooperation with Jung von Matt, Mercedes-Benz’ lead agency.


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Note: After playing the short "sound logo" video (click on the play button in the middle of the video screen), you can view several other Mercedes-Benz videos within the screen above. Click on the "Menu" button and then on one of the video thumbnails – the video will play within the video box.   

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