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Mercedes-Benz Approved Engine Oils

By far the best place to find Mercedes-Benz maintenance and service information is in the operator’s manual that came with your car. If you don’t have the manual, note that Mercedes-Benz USA recommends using factory-approved service products explicitly approved for your vehicle model. Below you’ll find recommendations published by the manufacturer for engine oils that we gathered for you.

Be aware that all engine oils vary in quality.  The most common ratings are provided by:

  • ACEA (Association des Constructeurs Européens d’Automobiles)
  • ILSAC – International Lubrication Standardization and Approval Committee, and
  • API (American Petroleum Institute).

For Vehicles Without Flexible Service System (FSS or FSS PLUS) – U.S. vehicles Model Year 1997 and earlier:

Side Note: The “Flexible Service System (FSS) – Mercedes-Benz (1998 and newer) use a Flexible schedule for maintenance called Flexible Service System (FSS). The system is designed to offer a flexible service schedule which is directly based on driving habits. Contact your local Mercedes-Benz dealer if you need further explanation.

Again, Mercedes-Benz recommends the use of approved engine oils only. They are listed in the Mercedes-Benz oil specification “sheet 229.3 or 229.5” which also meet ACEA and/or API classifications listed on the chart below. If a specific Mercedes-Benz-approved or recommended ACEA engine oil is not available, then an API engine oil meeting the recommended API  classification can be used. Continue reading » »

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