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Happy New Year – McLaren F1 Races AMG Mercedes-Benz

This isn't an everyday race but entertaining to say the least. Susie Stoddart, Bernd Maylander, Jamie Green and Fernado Alonso are battling each other at the Silverstone, Grand Prix Circuit.

Current AMG Mercedes-Benz production and motorsport cars are battling against the McLaren MP4-22 Formula 1 race car. Fernado Alonso in the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes starts last in a staggered start.

Jamie Green, in the DTM AMG C-class and Maylander in the CLK 63 AMG Black Series are getting 43 seconds advantage over Alonso. In the meanwhile, the C350, with Susie Stoddart behind the wheel, has already done half a lap!

The F1 makes a pit stop and continues the race. Did I mention this is a one lap race. Will Alonso in the F1 even have a chance?


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