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AMG Sway Bar on E350 Sport

A fellow Mercedes-Benz enthusiast, Jerry, asked us a question about replacing the sway bar on a 2006 E350 Sport with a sway bar from the AMG E55. That question brings up several considerations.  Here’s Jerry’s original question:

Subject: 2006 E350 Sport Sway Bar Replacement
I am looking to upgrade the sway bar in my E350 sport 2006,  the car has a tendency to roll to much going into corners.  I was wondering if switching to a 2006 E55 AMG sway bar would improve this roll.  Or if you have any other suggestions to make the car handle better but not bounce down the road.  Thanks in advance. – Jerry

There are several issues here to consider before making this type of modification to your suspension system. So, we asked our colleague John Olson, which has been custom building springs for SL’s for a decade or so. Here’s Continue reading » »

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Mercedes-Benz Deputs PGA Performance Center


AMG Market News/MBUSA PR – MONTVALE, N.J., Aug. 11, 2009: In conjunction with its inaugural year as an Official Patron of The PGA of America, Mercedes-Benz USA (MBUSA) will debut its PGA Performance Center, a state-of-the-art facility displaying the defining moments in the evolution of golf in comparison with the innovations that have led up to the most technologically advanced vehicle in its segment — the all-new 2010 Mercedes-Benz E-Class.

The debut will take place at the 91st PGA Championship contested at Hazeltine National Golf Club in Chaska, Minnesota, August 10-16.

The PGA Performance Center is designed to engage guests in the history and tradition of the game of golf and the lineage of the Mercedes-Benz E-Class within an open and modern space. Through a striking series of displays, graphics and videos, visitors to the PGA Performance Center will experience a visual timeline spanning more than half a century, highlighting eight generations of the E-Class and memorable moments within the game of golf. The all-new 2010 E-Class coupe, sedan and AMG E63 will be on exhibit, as well as the Continue reading » »

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AMG Mercedes-Benz 190E Engine Swap

We get questions concerning performance modifications on a regular basis. Can anyone answer this question from a fellow AMG enthusiast? Misha asks:


I have a 1984 Mercedes-Benz 190E AMG with an 2.0L 8v 4 cylinder engine and I'm thinking of changing the engine to a 2.3L 16V 4 Cylinder engine. I would just like to know if there was anything installed by AMG back in the mid 80's when my car was modified that would make the engine swap very difficult to do. I have been told that there was lots of sensors put on the car by AMG. Where can I find info on what modifications AMG did to my car? Thanks

Editor's Note: If you have an answer, please leave it in the comment section below. 

It is hard to say what AMG mods were included during the 1980s. There is little documentation and Daimler obtained few records from AMG at the time of the acquisition (1990s). One place to check might be the Mercedes-Benz Classic Center. The techs at the center may have been involved with a restoration project for that model.

Classic Center – Irvine, CA Ph: 866-622-5277
When I visited the Mercedes-Benz Classic Center they had a large inventory of parts and they were in the process of restoring several vehicles. The staff is very helpful with respect to answering questions, finding parts and accessories.

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AMG Mercedes-Benz Modifications 1979 to 1985

A question concerning the authenticity of a 1984 AMG 500SE was received from a friend of mine:

I looked at a 1984 500SE – AMG (allegedly) today – a bit rough, in particular the interior. The owner's son is selling it. Claims his Dad bought it in Germany and it had AMG modifications. I'm THINKING it was just cosmetic on the exterior.

The car looks like a stock 500SE, except for the front air dam, it's lowered, MAYBE AMG wheels, and maybe the skirts. I ran the VIN on the Russian site, and it comes up delivered in Germany. Anyway, any thoughts as to how to tell if AMG modified the engine?

From what I understand, there should be some indication on the block that AMG modified the engine or some documentation included with the history. Otherwise, it is hard to tell if the car just has a lowered suspension and the body kit.

If the car has Recaro seats, a smaller steering wheel than the standard model and a custom exhaust then it is possibly an AMG.

M 117 AMG engine mods included enlarged inlet and exhaust ducts, polished inlet and exhaust valves, optimized camshaft and precision-balanced crankshaft.

From 1979 to 1985, there were several AMG cosmetic and performance enhancements – custom ordered by the buyer and they typically included:

  • 15" or 16" ATS 5 spoke Penta wheels (designed by Aufrecht in 1979 and made by ATS)ATS AMG Mercedes-Benz Penta 5-spoke wheel circa 1984
  • Recaro seats
  • External chrome parts could be painted to the car's body color (or black)
  • AMG steering wheel with a smaller diameter than the standard
  • Lowered and stiffened suspension
  • Aerodynamic AMG front air dam and spoiler kit
  • Modified cams
  • Custom exhaust to increase horsepower, and in some rare cases a 5 speed manual transmission.

If you have any additional advice, please leave your thoughts below. Thanks.

Note: The photograph is a circa 1984 AMG 16×8 5-spoke Penta type 1 aluminum alloy wheel manufactured by ATS. Designed by H.W. Aufrecht in 1979, it is the first aluminum alloy wheel marketed by AMG when it was still an independent tuning company.

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AMG Mods for the 2008 65 Series

The last few years have seen a flood of 500 horsepower sedans almost pouring out of Germany from BMW, Audi, and Mercedes-Benz. Earlier this month, however, representatives from Mercedes and AMG announced that the "horsepower wars" were over, saying that outright power would no longer be the "main focus" for future sports sedans.

Apparently, no-one sent that "war over" memo to RENNTECH.

RENNTECH announced a new "stage 3" tune for the 2008 65 series AMG models, which makes use of what the company calls "next-generation ECU software" to get 695 hp and 890 lb-ft of torque from the AMG's twin-turbo V12.

"Power will always be important to many customers, especially torque." explains Hartmut Feyhl, RENNTECH's president and ex technical director of AMG North America. "Our cars have always been able to make considerable torque, and have been praised in magazines for their drivability. Still, we are constantly trying to improve our product."Commitment to constant improvement is one reason RENNTECH has become known as one of the world's premier tuning firms…

RENNTECH believes their new software will further cement that knowledge in the public mind. they have two full-time in-house software engineers and others that work with the software on a part-time or contract basis.

The latest software takes advantage of the increased power of the new engine computers, and offers a number of small improvements that add up to a big 'overall' improvement," Feyhl explains. Continue reading » »

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