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AMG Driving Academy USA Dates and Venues

UPDATE (June 9, 2009): MBUSA has officially announced the AMG Driving Academy details for the United States; three upcoming venues this fall – PRICING AND COMPLETE UPDATE HERE.

This week alone, several people inquired about the AMG Challenge event dates for 2009. The answer, there are none – AMG Challenge has been discontinued! But hold on now. The world-renowned driver-training program from Mercedes-AMG arrives in the USA this September (2009); the AMG Driving Academy.

The “AMG Driving Academy” has replaced the AMG Challenge events for 2009. The new driving program is a major departure from the AMG Challenge in that there will be additional emphasis on driver training versus the experience of a test drive at speed. You can read a press release for the overall AMG Driving Academy here.

The following dates and venues have been released by Mercedes-AMG (stay tuned for pricing and registration info): Continue reading » »

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