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Miller’s Hidden Treasure

This story is one you’ll enjoy. Thanks to the president of the MBCA’s Road Star Section for sending it out. And, thanks Scott Suits for bringing it to our attention.

Meet the Miller’s

Consider the strange story of Alex and Imogene Miller of East Orange, VT.  They eked out an existence on a small farm.  Alex would scrounge rusty nails from burnt buildings to repair his roof.  He drove a ratty VW Beetle, and when it died, he found another even more ratty, and another…the rusting carcasses littered his yard.  Alex died in 1993, and Imogene died in 1996.  The local church took up a collection so they could be buried in the churchyard, and the state began the process of taking the farm for taxes.  That would have been the end of a sad story, except…

Forget the VW: a ’28 Franklin ($4500US) and a ’23 HCS($14,500 US) lurk inside.  While preparing the estate for auction, the sheriff discovered a cache of bearer bonds taped to the back of a mirror.  That triggered a comprehensive search of the house and outbuildings.  The estate auction would eventually be handled by Christies, and it would bring out collectors from all over the world… Continue reading » »

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