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AMG Sway Bar on E350 Sport

A fellow Mercedes-Benz enthusiast, Jerry, asked us a question about replacing the sway bar on a 2006 E350 Sport with a sway bar from the AMG E55. That question brings up several considerations.  Here’s Jerry’s original question:

Subject: 2006 E350 Sport Sway Bar Replacement
I am looking to upgrade the sway bar in my E350 sport 2006,  the car has a tendency to roll to much going into corners.  I was wondering if switching to a 2006 E55 AMG sway bar would improve this roll.  Or if you have any other suggestions to make the car handle better but not bounce down the road.  Thanks in advance. – Jerry

There are several issues here to consider before making this type of modification to your suspension system. So, we asked our colleague John Olson, which has been custom building springs for SL’s for a decade or so. Here’s Continue reading » »

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