Mercedes-Benz AMG Included in the Most Fun for $25k

Rarely does Mercedes-Benz AMG get mentioned when you're talking about having the most fun with a car priced at $25,000 or less. But in this Car & Driver video, the 1999 E55 makes the cut. Here's an excerpt of what they say on the video, which can be viewed below:

One hundred and eighty-three thousand. That’s how many miles have been rolled up on the odometer of the 1999 E55 AMG currently owned by Bryan English. English has driven the hell out of the big Benz, accruing all but 16,000 of those miles since purchasing the car in 2003. His E55 feels extremely tight and is in exceptional condition despite the high mileage, a testament to how well English takes care of his ride as well as to the Germans who built it. Squeaks and rattles are nonexistent, and the Mercedes dealers and independent specialists we’ve spoken with characterize the W210 E55 as bulletproof.

The AMG Mercedes-Benz E55 is the fifth car in the video:

You can read about the E55 AMG Mercedes-Benz from the video at Car & Driver here.

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