Value Diminution Mercedes-Benz Collectible Cars

At AMG Market, we get a lot of requests for information pertaining to Mercedes-Benz collectible cars. To help out our readers we are providing, with the authors permission, an article titled, “Value Diminution – Fact or Fiction?” (Source: John Olson)

There are many opinions we’ve all heard for avoiding loss of value in collectible cars. Is it better to rebuild an original engine’s block than replace it? At what point do you take original paint off a collectible car? Many people spend extra thousands of dollars returning a car to it’s original color after learning how it left the factory when new.

Many collectors have praised the charm and often superior durability of original paint. Giving up a 90% well preserved original finish, even if faded, to eliminate a few scratches or dents doesn’t make sense. Obvious losses come from hasty repair work that shows — from overspray on rubber that should have been removed to misaligned body work that belies an accident free past. Finally, there are obstructive insurance practices that can prevent proper repairs.

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