Mercedes-Benz Sales – Scottsdale

This is from the January 2014, “Mercedes-Benz Classic Center News” (email newsletter). The news includes a brief article on the Scottsdale auto auction results for the Mercedes-Benz brand. One barn find, a 1956 300 SL sold for $1,897,500. 1956 300 SL barn find

If you followed the Scottsdale auctions this past weekend, especially the Mercedes-Benz sales, the results afforded little surprise. The top 5 selling classic Mercedes-Benz vehicles alone sold for a total of $7,920,000. Arguably the most spectacular, yet not the most expensive result was a 1956 300 SL Coupe that went under the hammer for $1,897,500. Considering that this particular Gullwing was road-registered last in 1983 and stored away for three decades, a complete restoration is all but inevitable and it will be some time before this beauty will be back on the road.

A few pictures and more information on the barn find are posted on Facebook here for those interested.

In other news, the Mercedes-Benz Classic Center is now selling, for all owners of Mercedes-Benz classics from the 1950s and early 1960s:, the type ATE T50 and T50/12 brake boosters at a reduced price. They are for historical Mercedes-Benz cars such as the 190 SL (W121), the 300 SL (W198), the 300 Sc (W188) and the Ponton models. You can order the brake booster for $1,850.00 (they were selling for $2,220.00 previously). The phone number for the MB Classic Center is: 866-622-5277.



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