2011 AMG Driving Academy Details

New 2011 – 2012 AMG Driving Academy Programs

Based on the feedback and comments received here at AMGmarket.com, the AMG Driving Academy events are well worth checking out. The events offer you a high performance driving experience with groups of like-minded individuals. It should be noted that the AMG Driving Academy programs are manufacturer-sponsored events. And now, Daimler is hosting a wide range of new driving events for 2011 and 2012. The events are for drivers and enthusiasts interested in improving his or her performance skills on the track and/or safety on the road.

The AMG Driving Academy initially focused on European venues but now events are also held in both the USA and China. Here’s a quick overview of the AMG Driving Academy events with links for detailed info including fees and event dates that are provided by Mercedes-AMG:


  • EMOTION-TOUR Spirit of AMG: This event includes a reception in Affalterbach, a tour of the AMG Performance Studio and the AMG engine factory plus the public engine test bed. The tours are followed by a guided test drive through Affalterbach and the surronding area.
  • EMOTION-TOUR Spirit of SLS AMG: This tour includes a drive from Affalterbach to Sindelfingen for a tour of the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG factory. Then back to Affalterbach to see for yourself how AMG engines are built by hand. This is followed by a visit to the AMG Performance Studio and the transparent test bed.
  • EMOTION-TOUR Wine & Dine: The new “Wine & Dine” program offers you a combined car-and-cooking experience; various AMG vehicles are at your disposal. It includes a factory tour of the engine production facilities and a guided excursion to Unger Wines near Frasdorf, where the legendary chef Dieter Müller awaits you for a shared wine and cuisine tasting session. You get to cook together and then savor the award-winning chef’s cuisine in a relaxed atmosphere beside an open fire. The meal includes top champagnes and exceptional wines from the cellars of Unger Wines. The following day you have another opportunity to get behind the wheel of the AMGs.
  • EMOTION-TOUR Montreux: On this tour, the AMG Driving Academy orchestrates a musical experience. It starts with a tour through the halls of AMG in Affalterbach. Then guided as part of a group you wind your way through the Swiss mountain landscape in the AMG vehicle provided to you. The next day is dedicated to Montreux and jazz. From the famous garden party in the chalet of the festival’s founder, Claude Nobs, to attending the evening’s festival on Lake Geneva. The following day you drive back to Affalterbach.
  • EMOTION-TOUR Golf: The weekend of sport begins at the AMG factory in Affalterbach. After that, you get to pilot one of the various AMG models to Munich. The second day is spent on the fairway; on the golf course you get a training session with the South African VIP coach Robert Baker. And, on the third and final day you get to spent time with Robert Baker and Bernd Schneider on the course for a 9-hole round. You can talk shop with the DTM record-holder before you drive back to Affalterbach as a group.
  • EMOTION-TOUR DTM: This is a 3-day event that includes VIP treatment at a DTM race as well as a factory tour and guided AMG driving options. Visit the AMG Driving Academy website for program details (link below).

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Additional programs offered include:

  • Basic Training
  • Advanced Training
  • Pro Training
  • Winter Sporting
  • Masters SLS AMG GT3

For detailed information including fees and event dates, visit the Daimler Mercedes-Benz AMG Driving Academy website.



Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines! Our new driving experiences are at the pole position and ready to accelerate your heart rate. Look forward to fascinating vehicles, automotive passion and extraordinary lifestyle – look forward to the AMG Driving Academy 2011/2012.
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  • Eric Williams

    (March 23, 2011 - 12:22 pm)

    Sounds like a great event. I wonder how many cars get damaged. I once attended one of those advanced driving meetups and saw a bloke flipping an Audi TT. Luckily not too much damage and no broken bones 🙂

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